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Suffering an injury due to someone else’s actions can throw your life into disarray. From being unable to work to losing enjoyment in once-loved activities, the aftermath can be challenging. Seeking both physical recovery and fair compensation from those responsible is paramount.

Navigating these complexities is daunting, which is why turning to a personal injury attorney is invaluable. At The Johnquel Neal Firm, we dedicate ourselves to aiding injured victims, safeguarding their rights, and ensuring just compensation.

In the aftermath of an incident caused by negligence, you have the right to pursue compensation for:

  1. Medical expenses (current and potential future)
  2. Property damage
  3. Loss of earnings (current and potential future)
  4. Pain and suffering
  5. Punitive damages (in very limited circumstances)

Incidents Covered by Georgia Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law in Georgia encompasses various incidents, including:

  1. Car accidents
  2. Large truck accidents
  3. Pedestrian accidents
  4. Bicycle or motorcycle accidents
  5. Wrongful death
  6. Medical malpractice
  7. Premises liability
  8. Dog bites
  9. Slip and falls
  10. Defective products

When to Seek Guidance from a Personal Injury Attorney

It’s advisable to consult a Georgia personal injury attorney promptly. Attempting to handle the other party’s insurance company independently may lead to an insufficient settlement and potential forfeiture of your rights.

While settling early might seem practical for immediate bills, it often involves signing a release of all claims. This means if you settle prematurely and later require additional treatment or suffer ongoing injuries, seeking further compensation is not an option.

Attempting to settle independently may also lead to missing the statute of limitations. Georgia law imposes a specific timeframe for filing a lawsuit against the at-fault party. By retaining a personal injury attorney, you delegate legal matters, allowing you to concentrate on recovery and regaining normalcy.


"Working with Ms. Johnquel Neal was a pleasure. In just 7 months, she successfully settled my injury case that had been pending for 3 years. Ms. Neal's fierce dedication and efficiency were evident as she took charge, providing timely updates without the need for follow-ups. Her strategic approach, coupled with genuine care for my well-being, made a significant impact. I highly recommend Ms. Neal for anyone seeking a dedicated advocate who delivers impressive results."

Melissa B.

"I turned to Ms. Neal for legal help with a criminal offense, and my experience was exceptional. The initial consultation was informative, with Ms. Neal educating me on my rights and prevention strategies. Throughout the process, she displayed extensive knowledge and earned a perfect 10 rating from me. Ms. Neal successfully guided me into the first offenders' program, approved by the judge, resulting in dropped charges and a cleared record. Her proactive communication, dedication, and thorough advocacy left me extremely satisfied. I rate her a perfect 10 for being knowledgeable, thorough, and dedicated to ensuring her clients' voices are heard."


“I was involved in a hit and run, and Ms. Neal proved to be the Queen of Personal Injury. I am extremely satisfied with the thorough service provided by this Law Firm, even though the case is still ongoing. Ms. Neal is knowledgeable, prompt, and empathetic, earning an extremely satisfied rating. Look no further than Attorney Neal for all your legal needs.”

Amber H.

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